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Eran Zamir guitar and Oud profile

Complementary Opposites - An expansive musical project of Middleastern Israeli music. Composed and produced by oud player Eran Zamir, while the arrangements were made by Zohar Sharon. Creating a very unique and extraordinary combination, Eran Zamir has gathered an ensemble compiled of 14 musicians, some derived from the world of mideastern ethnic classical music, playing instruments like the oud, kanun, ney, violin and different kinds of percussion.

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While the other group of musicians come from the world of western music, (classical and modern) playing instruments like the oboe, french horn, harmonica, clarinet, piano, trumpet, vibraphone, bass guitar and electric guitar. This rich and special ensemble connects these two musical worlds and the cultures from which they grow, this connection also comes into expression in Zamir's compostions which include a variety of contradicting yet complementary influences, there for it is named - Complementary Opposites.

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Zohar, which arranged Eran's compositions from his first album "In good spirit" gave a new interpretation to the initial intimate pieces, originally performed in the album by a trio(oud, bass guitar and percussion).

In his work, Zohar (which means - Radiance in hebrew) sheds a new light on Zamir's (nightingale in Hebrew) compositions, helping to express the beauty of each instrument as an individual, enhancing and enriching the musical experience and giving it, together with Sound engineer Ben Spector, more width and depth.

These two albums complete and complement each other, and are like a "naked" version, which supports the value of melody and intimacy, and a "dressed" version, resonating the quality of the arrangement. The nightingale and the radiance around it.

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Eran zamir - Composer and oud player, graduate of the Jerusalem music academy in the department of oriental music, under the guidance of prof. Taiseer Elias.

Zohar Sharon - Pianist, composer and arranger, founder of the "revolution orchestra", winner of the prime minister's composition prize for 2013 and of the Mifa'l Ha'pais competition.


Ben Spector - Sound Complementary Opposites Album
Ben Spector
Eran Zamr - Composition and Oud Complementary Opposites Album
Eran Zamir
Comp & Oud
Zohar Sharon - Arrangment Complementary Opposites Album
Zohar Sharon
Arrangment & Piano
Ben Dagovich - Percussion Complementary Opposites Album
Ben Dagovich
Ariel Qassis - Kanun Complementary Opposites Album
Ariel Qassis
Yael Zamir - Oboe Complementary Opposites Album
Yael Zamir
Nadav Rogel - Vibraphone Complementary Opposites Album
Nadav Rogel
Roei Fridman - Percussion Complementary Opposites Album
Roei Fridman
Idit Minser - Horn/Trumpet Complementary Opposites Album
Idit Minser
Yogev Haruvi - Percussion Complementary Opposites Album
Yogev Haruvi
Jacob Miron - Clarinet Complementary Opposites Album
Jacob Miron
Firas Esami - Violin Complementary Opposites Album
Firas Esami
Yotam Ben Or - Harmonica Complementary Opposites Album
Yotam Ben Or